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Building Biology Health checks for buildings

Are you concerned that your home or office may be making you sick?

Or do you wish to experience :

  • improved comfort, health and wellbeing e.g. better sleep patterns and energy levels and reduced incidence of allergies, asthma, headaches and other chronic health conditions?
  • relief from the symptoms of sick building syndrome?
  •  increased creativity and productivity?




We have been able to help both families and businesses improve the health of their indoor environments (read our case studies to see how)


A story about our work hss been published in "The Age" in Melbourne, as well as in newspapers in New South Wales and Queensland. Writer Kate Robertson accompanied our Director, Marianne Baker, during a home assessment to get an understanding of how we can help people to create healthier indoor environments. Since this article was written, we have relocated to southeast Queensland and no longer conduct assessments in Melbourne.


Your choice of Building Wellness Building Biology services

To help you create a healthier home or office, you may choose some or all of the following services for inclusion in your Building Wellness building health check:   

pylon_small.jpg Electromagnetic Field (EMF) testing identifies hazards associated with electrical substations, power lines, power pole transformers, fuse and meter boxes and electrical appliances.

Mobile Phone Radio frequency (RF) testing identifies hazards associated with the radiation from mobile phone, telecommunications and wireless technologies.

mould Moisture detection and mould testing identifies hazards associated with excess moisture in building materials and furnishings. Mould analysis can be conducted if required.

Open Window Air testing identifies hazards associated with the presence of carbon monoxide, dust, chemicals, vehicle exhaust, high or low relative humidity and inadequate ventilation in the indoor environment.                             

Stones Geomancy (Geopathic Stress Assessment) identifies hazards associated with geopathic stress i.e. natural or man-made energies, emanating from the earth, which may be detrimental to human health.

Contract Pre-purchase and pre-lease inspections of buildings or vacant land utilize a selection of the above testing methods to identify hazards existing in a potential home or workplace site


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  • Books to help you create healthier homes

    Are you looking for sources of information to help you create a healthier home? Check out our range of books that provide you with useful information for doing just that. Choose from titles including Healthy Home, Healthy Family, Homes that Heal, Prescriptions for a Healthy House and The Sick House Survival Guide. All of these titles and more are available from the Building Biology Books section of our online shop. 

Latest News
  • Electrical Hypersensitivity - Keynote speech
    In 2011, Dr William Rea, founder and director of the Centre for Environmental Health in Dallas, Texas, was the keynote speaker at the Building Biology Healthy Buildings Confrerence. In his speech, he spoke about electrical hypersensitivity and the things that can be done to help treat people with this condition. A video of this presentation (1hr 27 min duration) can be found at http://www.emfacts.com/2012/09/dr-william-rea-keynote-address-building-biology-conference-2011/
Hint of the Week
  • Insulation materials supporting indoor air quality
    To reduce exposure to irritating particles, insulate buildings with products such as wool/polyester rather than mineral wools. The mineral products consist of fibres which are like fine needles when they break off. Such particles may irritate skin and mucous membranes.
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